How to grease a Mini Excavator ?

How to grease a Mini Excavator ?

In order to preserve the longevity of the axles and rings of a Mini Excavator, it is important to grease the Mini Excavator regularly. But how do you grease a Mini Excavator correctly and efficiently?

Choosing the greasing pump

There are several types of grease pumps, electric, pneumatic or manual.  

Manual grease pumpElectric grease pumpPneumatic grease pump
Manual grease pump
Electric grease pump
Pneumatic grease pump

Electric or pneumatic pumps are rather reserved for professionals and for intensive lubrication use.

Manual pumps are naturally the cheapest and allow you to go into even the most cramped places without having to bother with a hose.

Nozzle of a grease pump
Nozzle of a grease pump

When using a grease pump, be careful to clean the nozzle to avoid having stones, bits of wood or other impurities in it. Indeed, greasing a Mini Excavator with a dirty nozzle will damage the clip and affect its longevity.

There are two types of grease nipples: flat head grease nipples and raised head grease nipples.

Flat head grease nipples are often used where standard nipples can be damaged. In particular, they are used on RHINOCEROS Mini Excavators in the area of the cylinders.

Why must we grease Mini Excavators ?

Greasing a Mini Excavator ensures the longevity of the pins and rings of a Mini Excavator.

A lack of grease on the pins will cause premature wear.

How to grease a Mini Excavator?

 When greasing, it is important to see the grease come out slightly from the pins to ensure that they have been sufficiently greased.

If not, this can mean two things:

·     your shaft is not sufficiently greased and you must continue to insert grease

·     the grease nipple is clogged or dirty, in which case, simply change it.

Mini Excavator Lubrication Diagram

The lubrication diagram of a Mini Excavator is often available on its technical manual or on the internet. Below you will find an example of some of the lubrication diagrams of the Mini Excavator XN-08.

Lubrication diagram mini excavator
Lubrication Diagram of the connect part of the XN08 Mini Excavator
Lubrication diagram mini excavator XN08
Lubrication Diagram for the boom of the XN08 Mini Excavator

A lubrication diagram ensures that you don't miss any grease points, however even if you can't find it, you can act methodically by looking for all of the Mini Excavator's axles. It is important not to forget to grease the rack and pinion.

On Mini Excavators, the lubrication of the turret crown is often offset, making it easier to access. Lubrication of the turret crown should be performed approximately every 50 hours.


How to check that a grease pump is empty?

If you have any doubts about filling your cartridge, you can quickly check if your grease pump is empty: Simply pull the tab on the grease pump.

If this tab comes out, there is still grease in the pump. If this tab remains stuck, the cartridge must be changed.

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