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Small and flexible, the 1T mini excavator is perfect for accessing tight spaces and can be operated by individuals with little experience. However, buying a construction machine can quickly become expensive, especially since it needs to be maintained regularly. In order to be more serene in your search, find our different advices and do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information!

First of all, you can easily find a new, used or rental mini excavator.

Mini excavator XN-12, 1T
Mini excavator XN-12, 1T

The new 1T mini excavator

In terms of price range, you can find new 1T mini excavators for sale up to €20,000 from premium manufacturers such as Yanmar, Hyundai, Takeuchi...etc. At RHINOCEROS, we offer 1T mini excavators starting at €9,500 excl. tax with the XN-12, with the main advantage being its price/performance ratio.

If you are looking for a 1T mini excavator, because you want to do a lot of work over time, you can opt for a new machine.
You will also benefit from all the security that comes with buying a new product, free of defects and wear and tear and with a warranty. You will avoid the scams that are still too present online.

The second hand 1T mini excavator

You can opt for a used 1T mini excavator if your budget is too tight or if the use you want to make of it is limited. However, beware of people who offer you a Mini Excavator for sale for only 3000€!
For a used Mini Excavator 1T, count at least 6 000 € HT for a low cost model with several hundreds of hours and more than double for a model in better condition, of recognized brand.
If you have found an online ad that suits you, check several criteria before committing yourself:

The seller and the website

The sale of used mini excavators between individuals is sometimes fraught with pitfalls and scams. Be extremely vigilant about tempting ads that break the market price. If possible, find a construction equipment resale company that has the knowledge to guide you. The ad sites specialized in the resale of construction equipment are also useful to give you an idea of price range and trends.

The payment method

It is not recommended to pay a deposit without having at least seen the machine (or asking to see it). The best thing is to go to the site to try it out, this allows you to meet the seller, confirm its existence and try the machine!

Many scammers will ask you to pay for your purchase via pre-paid cards, PCS coupons or to pay money into IBAN accounts that change weekly. Don't fall into their trap because once you pay, it's very difficult to get your money back.

A compromise with another mini excavator

Even with the solutions discussed above, you are not sure if you should take the plunge? If it's a question of budget, you can always look for a lighter or more powerful machine. An 800 kg mini excavator for sale can sometimes be suitable for the job. At RHINOCEROS Mini Excavator, the XN-08 model is priced at €6,500 plus tax and comes with a 2-year warranty! This mini excavator is the lightest in the range and is therefore very easy to transport. All you need is a trailer or utility vehicle and a pair of loading ramps.

Finally, you can always try your luck and find a Mini-Excavator to donate!

Need more information or help in your search? You can contact us for more information!

Our Mini Excavators

Mini excavator RHINOCEROS XN10

Mini Excavator RHINOCEROS XN 10

7 200 € Excl. VAT
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The RHINOCEROS XN 10 Mini Excavator is ideal for home use. Its small size and light weight allow it to work without damaging the ground. This mini-excavator is easily transported on a trailer, making it an ideal asset for small jobsites.

Mini excavator RHINOCEROS XN12

Mini Excavator RHINOCEROS XN 12

9 900 € Excl. VAT
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The Mini Excavator XN 12 is equipped with a KUBOTA 3-cylinder engine with 14 horsepower. Its power and its KUBOTA engine guarantee its longevity and make this excavator a key asset for earthmoving, construction or demolition work.

Mini Excavator RHINOCEROS
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