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Mini Excavator range RHINOCEROS

Which Mini Excavator to choose ?

How to choose the right Mini Excavator? Once you are convinced of the benefits of owning a Mini Excavator, it is important to make the right choice of model. There are many different types of Mini Excavators, both new and used, and it's easy to get lost with such a wide choice.

In the RHINOCEROS range, which Mini Excavator to choose?
In the RHINOCEROS range, as with the other Mini Excavators, your needs and budget will determine which model is best for you.

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Aluminium Ramp

How to choose its aluminium ramps ?

The use of loading ramps is a solution that combines simplicity and adaptability.
Aluminium ramps are lightweight and can be adapted to different vehicles or types of terrain. Easy to transport, they are quick to set up and ensure a total safety for the user during the loading. However, the large number of models of aluminium ramps available for sale does not always make the choice obvious.
Here are a few points to consider when choosing your ramps

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Mini Excavator XN16

Why buy a Rhinoceros Mini Excavator ?

A Mini Excavator is a tool for carrying out a variety of jobs and is suitable for both private individuals and professionals. Indeed, it saves a significant amount of time when digging trenches, carrying out earthworks or any other work. Its small size allows it to go where backhoe loaders cannot go, and even to go inside houses.
Depending on the size and weight of the model chosen, the Mini Excavator will be able to dig efficiently at greater or lesser depths. Owning a Mini Excavator allows you to avoid all the disadvantages of renting, with problems of availability, delivery times and time constraints for the work to be carried out.

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Agricultural fair Mini Excavator

Agricultural Fair in Charolles from the 12th to 14th october 2019

We were present from the 12th to 14th October at the Charolles fair to exhibit several models from our RHINOCEROS Mini Excavator range. With nearly 150 exhibitors, this fair is an important regional meeting point. Thus, we presented our products alongside other agricultural and public works machines.
Our best-seller: the Mini Excavator XN-08, has, as usual, generated a lot of interest. Its value for money still attracts both private individuals wishing to undertake renovation projects or outdoor and green space development, and professionals who want to have a Mini Excavator at their disposal at all times.

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Aluminium Ramps for heavy loads

What are the different types of aluminium ramps ?

There are a considerable number of aluminium ramps offers on the internet.
Which model to choose? How to find your way around?
The different ranges of ramps lead to very different prices. It is therefore important to make the right choice of ramps and supplier in order to get the best possible price/quality ratio!

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Grease pump

How to grease a Mini Excavator ?

In order to preserve the longevity of the axles and rings of a Mini Excavator, it is important to grease the Mini Excavator regularly. But how do you grease a Mini Excavator correctly and efficiently?
The choice of the pump: there are several types of grease pumps,
electric, pneumatic or manual.  

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