Cheap Mini Excavator 1T5

Undertaking large-scale work, such as earthworks, roadworks or digging large trenches, can quickly increase your expenses. Doing these jobs can help you reduce the overall cost of the work, but it requires the right equipment. Here are some tips to help you find a cheap 1T5 mini excavator with peace of mind.

Mini Excavator 1T5, back view, open hatches
Mini Excavator 1T5, back view, open hatches

The new 1T5 mini excavator

If you prefer to buy a new machine, then you need to budget quite a bit. New mini excavators vary in price from 12 000 €HT to 20 000 €HT depending on the brand and options of the mini excavator.

By buying a new 1T5 mini excavator, you can benefit from a secure and personalized support as well as an after-sales service. This method of purchase will also save you time, by eliminating the intermediaries in the sale, and you go directly to the manufacturer you are interested in or to one of its dealers.

The used 1T5 mini excavator

If your budget is tighter, you will have to turn to the second-hand market.

For a used Mini Excavator 1T5, different price ranges will be proposed to you online, from the low cost model with several hundreds of hours from 10 000 €HT, to the top of the range manufacturer model, in good condition in the 15 000 €HT. If this option is still too expensive for you, you can try to find a mini excavator at a very low cost, or have one lent to you. See our article on How to find a mini excavator to give away ?

In any case, always be aware of scams when you go through classifieds websites. These are common in the construction industry. Here are some of the elements of the ad that should make you aware of them:

Scams on the Internet

Be even more vigilant if it is a second-hand sale between individuals. Choose sites that are experts in the sale of used construction equipment. They gather numerous offers and estimates which will allow you to find what corresponds to you by giving you an idea of the prices on the market. If you have the possibility, ask for information from professionals in the construction industry who will be able to answer your questions and guide you.

The payment method

Beware of prices that break all competition, the chances of finding a mini excavator for sale for 3,000 € are slim.
Also beware of the method of payment requested during the transaction. Most scammers will ask you to pay a deposit without even having seen the machine or been able to try it out. If the seller also asks you to pay via pre-paid cards, PCS coupons or IBAN numbers that change every week, run away! You'll be sure to never see your money, the seller or your mini excavator again.

A compromise with another mini excavator

Depending on the work you want to do, you can always look for a lighter machine to lighten your budget. For example, the new 1T models can offer you a good compromise. Their excavation capacity and working depth will be lower, but it all depends on the intended use. At Mini Excavator RHINOCEROS, the 1 ton XN-12 model is only 9 500 € HT and has a 2 year warranty! This mini excavator is easily transportable, all you need is a trailer or a utility vehicle and a pair of loading ramps.

Do you have a question or need more information? You can contact us for more information!

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