Mini Pelle 1 700 kg - XN-18

14 700 € HT
17 640 € TTC

Financement à partir de 257 € HT / mois


Kubota 14 CV
Refroidissement liquide
Force d'arrachement : 1 400 kg
Joysticks sur les côtés
Déport de flèche (en option)

Garantie & livraison

Pièces livrées en 48 heures
Jusqu'à 3 ans de garantie
10 ans de disponibilités sur les pièces


1 700 kg
Engine of the Mini Excavator
KUBOTA D902 - 24 CV
215 cm (8.5 in.)
Width of the
 Mini Excavator
110 cm
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The many accessories available with this Mini Excavator allow for a variety of uses, such as electrical work, earthworks, plumbing or demolition.

Tooth buckets

Tine bucket 20 cm
165 € EXCL.
198 € INCL. VAT

Enables narrow trenching in a variety of applications
Available with the XN-16, XN-18 and XN-20

godet 40cm pour mini pelle 1.5 tonne
Tine bucket 40 cm
200 € EXCL.
240 € INCL. VAT

Allows the creation of trenches, excavations and discharges
Available with XN-16, XN-18 and XN-20

Cleaning buckets

godet curage pour mini pelle 1.5 tonne
Godet de curage 1 m
330 € EXCL.
396 € INCL. VAT

For backfilling trenches, cleaning ditches or levelling

Skeleton bucket 1 m
450 € EXCL.
540 € INCL. VAT

Allows sorting and separation of materials

godet curage tilt 1 metre pour mini pelle 1.5 tonne
Curing bucket 1 m tilt
715 € EXCL.
858 € INCL. VAT

Adjustable bucket by means of a cylinder, allows to embank and to make ditches

Quick fasteners

attache rapide pour mini pelle 1.5 tonne
Mechanical quick fastener
275 € EXCL.
330 € INCL. VAT

Original assembly, ensuring easy accessory changes

attache rapide pour mini pelle 1.5 tonne
Automatic quick fastener
650 € EXCL.
780 € INCL. VAT

Adaptable mounting, allowing the accessory to be changed with a simple gesture

Other attachments

pince pour mini pelle
385 € EXCL.
462 € INCL. VAT

Allows handling of logs or other bulky loads

pouce pour mini pelle
Mechanical thumb
165 € EXCL.
198 € INCL. VAT

Combined with the bucket, this tool ensures the gripping of various loads

rateau pour mini pelle 1.5 tonne
165 € EXCL.
198 € INCL. VAT

Allows you to dig up or work the soil, ideal for landscaping work

dent ripper pour mini pelle
Tooth ripper
165 € EXCL.
198 € INCL. VAT

It allows easy removal of roots and stumps from the ground

Hydraulic attachments

tarière pour mini pelle 1.5 tonne
Hydraulic auger: motor and bit
1 800 € EXCL.
2 160 € INCL. VAT

With a diameter of 300mm, this auger is ideal for driving piles
- Torque: 2100-2500 NM
- Oil flow rate: 27-75 LPM
- Revolutions per minute: 35-88 RPM

Ideal for mini excavators from 1T2 to 3T

 tarière pour mini pelle 1.5 tonne
Drill bit for hydraulic auger
From 350 € excl. VAT - 420 € incl. VAT
500 € HT - 600 € TTC

Four available diameters of 20, 30, 40 or 50 cm to choose from

Brise roche hydraulique mini pelle
Hydraulic rock breaker ETD200
2 220 € INCL. VAT

Hydraulic rock breaker, ideal for demolition work (concrete slab, asphalt, walls...etc)
- 95 kg
- Pointer diameter: 45 mm
- Oil flow rate: 20-30 litres/min
- Operating pressure: 88-117 bar
- Impact frequency: 700-1200 blows/min

Ideal for mini excavators from 1T2 to 3T


Dimensions Mini Pelle XN08
dimensions xn08
schéma Mini Pelle XN08
dimensions xn 18


RHINOCEROS XN18vs Mini Excavator KUBOTA U15

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