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Finding the right new 1T5 mini-excavator for your needs in terms of quality, performance and price is not easy. First, start by determining the criteria that are most important to you. The 1T5 models are perfect for people looking for a robust but not too bulky mini excavator, whether you want to do a lot of work or for a long time.

Mini excavator XN-16, 1T5
Mini excavator XN-16, 1T5

To be satisfied with your purchase, many criteria come into play: price, performance, quality, transportation, etc.  Here are a few things you should know that may help you:

The price

For many buyers, the price is the criterion that weighs most in the final decision. For a new 1T5 mini excavator, prices can quickly climb! You will have to count from 11 900 € HT for a model similar to the XN-16 mini excavator and up to 24 000€ for a premium brand machine with different options (boom offset, no offset, variable track...etc). Depending on the use you intend to make of it, and in particular for a specialized and intense use (public works company), investing in a premium range is perhaps more advised.

In any case, make sure you always know the price range of the machine of your choice in order not to fall into a scam, which is very frequent in the construction sector.

If however you do not expect to use it as frequently, it is perhaps wiser to opt for a second-hand 1t5 mini excavator. The price will be about divided by 2, even if it remains expensive. Count on a price range between 6 000 € and 12 000 €.

The performance

The 1T5 mini excavators are generally appreciated because they are multi-taskers and adaptable: they can perform trenching, leveling and plumbing work.
Models equipped with a detachable boom leg will make it easier to work along walls and in tight spaces.
If you buy a used mini-excavator, check the condition of the machine carefully, (play in the boom, arm), watch out for potential leaks and unperformed revisions.


No matter which machine you want to transport, be careful about the required driving license. The 1T5 mini-excavators are certainly ergonomic, but depending on your load, the GVW (gross vehicle weight) of your load could exceed the 3,500 kg authorized with the simple B license. See our article on "What license do you need to tow a trailer ?" to know the different transport modalities.

If, however, for reasons of price, transport or performance too high for what you plan to do, you want to change the model of your choice, you can go for 1T models. You can buy new ones for less than 11 000€ TTC with for example the mini excavator RHINOCEROS XN-12. It will have a lower breakout force, but will be just as malleable and more easily transportable thanks to a pair of loading ramps.

Contact us if you have a simple question or need more information!

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Mini Excavator RHINOCEROS
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