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To find a used Mini Excavator no matter what model or brand you are looking for, you will always have several choices available to you. A used mini excavator allows you to have a limited budget since the used market is full of ads and opportunities. In this article, we will look at four different models of used mini excavators.

If you are a private individual, and your goal is to do small jobs, we recommend that you look at mini-excavators with a weight range between 800kg and 1 ton. Their low weight will allow you to achieve sufficient breakout force for small and medium-sized jobs!

Mini excavator XN12, 1T
Mini excavator XN12, 1T

The 800 kg used mini excavator

Smaller in the range of Mini Excavators, the 800 kg model is perfect for small budgets and individuals. It will easily meet your expectations in terms of digging, earthmoving, or demolition.

In terms of price, always be careful, many crooks will offer you 800kg mini excavators for sale for 3000€, knowing that for a new 800kg Mini Excavator, you should count between 7800€ TTC at RHINOCEROS, up to 20 000€ at premium brands such as YANMAR or TAKEUCHI.

For a used 800 kg mini-excavator, count on a budget of at least 4500 € for the entry-level model, up to about 12 000 €.

The used 1T mini excavator

Very similar to the 800 kg mini excavator, this mini excavator remains one of the best options insofar as it offers its users a good compromise between the quality of the machine, its price and its performance. It is also very easy to transport in a trailer or a utility vehicle.

Thus, for a new 1 ton mini excavator, count on a minimum of 9 500€ HT for a first range machine like the RHINOCEROS XN-12 Mini Excavator. Otherwise, you should count about twice that amount for a Yanmar, Kubota or Takeuchi machine and about half that price range if you are looking for a used 1 ton Mini Excavator.

Then, if you intend to carry out larger and longer works, it is more sensible to turn to mini excavators weighing 1T5 - 2T5.

Mini excavator XN-20, 2T5
Mini excavator XN-20, 2T5

Used 1T5 mini excavator

For a new 1T5 mini-excavator, count on an amount starting at 11 900 € HT at Mini Pelle RHINOCEROS with the XN-16 mini-excavator and up to 20 000€ for a high-end machine of premium brand. If you want to opt for a used 1t5 mini excavator, the prices will be divided by 2, and will be between 8 000 € and 15 000 € HT approximately.

The used 2T mini excavator

The 2T mini excavators are more resistant than 1 ton models and will offer you more stability, which will make your work more pleasant and less tiring, especially if it is of long duration. They are also smoother to drive and have electric joysticks. An individual with a little experience can easily drive them. However, be careful when transporting them, as a special license may be required. For more information, see our article on this subject "What license do you need to tow a trailer?

For a new 2T5 model, you can count on a price range between €25,000 and €30,000 excluding VAT. If you are more interested in buying a cheap 2T5 Mini Excavator and therefore a used 2T5 Mini Excavator, you will be able to buy one for about half the price on classifieds websites.

Whatever your choice, always be aware of the many scams on the internet.

If you finally want to explore other options, you can find our article on How to find a Mini-Excavator to give away?

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Mini Excavator RHINOCEROS XN 10

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The RHINOCEROS XN 10 Mini Excavator is ideal for home use. Its small size and light weight allow it to work without damaging the ground. This mini-excavator is easily transported on a trailer, making it an ideal asset for small jobsites.

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Mini Excavator RHINOCEROS XN 12

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The Mini Excavator XN 12 is equipped with a KUBOTA 3-cylinder engine with 14 horsepower. Its power and its KUBOTA engine guarantee its longevity and make this excavator a key asset for earthmoving, construction or demolition work.

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