Second hand 2T5 mini excavators

Are you about to undertake a major, long-term work? Depending on the size of your work and your experience, you may have opted for a 2T5 model.

Second hand mini excavators 2T5
Second hand mini excavators 2T5

This mini excavator, because of its weight and capacities, represents a good compromise. It is indeed more resistant than 1 ton models and will offer more stability, which will make your work more pleasant and less tiring. A 2T5 Mini Excavator will give you the possibility to make trenches in an efficient way and will also be perfect for earthworks, leveling or demolition (concrete slab, fence wall...etc).

Similar to the RHINOCEROS XN-20 Mini Excavators (2 tons), these machines offer you a wide range of action. Very stable thanks to their weights and fixed chassis, they adapt perfectly to all types of terrain and can even access small spaces. They are also very flexible. A private individual with a little experience can easily, with a little practice, drive them.

Only a special license will be required to transport it, depending on the gross vehicle weight (GVW) of your vehicle. If the GVW of your vehicle plus the GVW of your trailer is less than 3500 kg, a simple B license is sufficient to transport it. Otherwise, a short training will be necessary to be in order to obtain the B96 license.

Concerning the price, for a new 2T5 mini excavator, you can count on a price range between 25 000 € and 35 000 €. If you are more interested in buying a cheap 2T5 Mini Excavator and therefore used, you will be able to acquire it for about half the price, from first range sellers.  

If you are a private individual with experience and a limited budget, or if you are a construction professional who wants to do occasional work, the second-hand market will offer you good buying opportunities.
It is often advised by professionals to buy a mini excavator in order to learn how to use it, and then to resell it once your work is done, rather than renting it and wasting time (and money) getting used to it for a few days. Thus, it is common to find used 2T5 mini excavators for sale on the internet.

The 2T5 mini excavators are usually equipped with cabins, check the condition of the windows before buying it, a window to replace can quickly raise the bill by a few hundred euros. Above all, you should not rush into buying second-hand machines because they can hold unpleasant surprises if you are not sufficiently informed on the subject:

Beware of online scams! Some ads will offer you very attractive prices. Even if it is second-hand, a construction machine is still an investment. Compare the different prices on the market with the offer you want to make sure it is genuine. Beware of sellers who ask you to pay a deposit without having seen the machine or having it in your possession.

2T5 mini excavators are in high demand because they are versatile and represent good value for money.
They are very popular because they offer a very good stability. So check their grip on different types of terrain if you have the opportunity. Poor stability endangers the operator and also affects the lifting capacity of the machine during your work. Pay attention to the condition of the tracks as well as the chassis, if it is retractable (variable track).
Always check the accessories included in the purchase of your machine. Mini excavators are usually sold with buckets. If they are damaged, this will be an additional cost to consider in your purchase.

Be careful, depending on the weight of your mini excavator, your vehicle and your trailer, the B license is generally not enough to transport a 2T5 mini excavator. A mini excavator can normally be transported on a trailer with a maximum weight of 3,500 kg.
On the big day, don't hesitate to ask the seller for a demonstration and a test drive to confirm that the mini excavator is well adapted to your needs and skills. Also prepare your trailer as well as your loading ramps if you have decided to take care of its transportation yourself.

Do you have a question or do you need more information? You can contact us for more information!

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