Second hand mini excavator 1T5

The 1T5 mini excavator is a fairly complete and versatile machine. Indeed, thanks to its low tonnage, it is easy to transport and handle. This type of mini-excavator offers good performance if you want to accomplish any kind of work (leveling, trenching, demolition) and for a medium to long duration.

Very popular, you can find them easily, especially second hand because once their work is finished, many owners resell their machines at a lower price.

Buying a new 1T5 ton mini excavator is a big investment. For a top-of-the-range machine like the RHINOCEROS XN-16 Mini Excavator, you can count on a budget of 11,900€ HT. Otherwise, it is often necessary to count more than 20 000€ HT for a machine of manufacturer's brand and according to the models (with or without offset, with joystick, variable track etc...).

If you don't have the necessary budget, you can opt for a second hand 1T5 mini excavator, at very variable prices, depending on the condition of the machine: between 11 000€ HT and 15 000€ HT for a mini excavator in good condition. Before committing yourself, check several criteria:

Second hand mini excavator 1t5
Mini Excavator XN 16, 1T5

The price and the payment method

Beware of tempting advertisements that make you believe in Mini Excavators for sale for only 3000€! Even second-hand, a construction machine is an investment that some buyers decide to amortize over several years.

If you are browsing the different websites selling used machines, be very careful about inconsistencies and suspicious proposals.

If you come into contact with a private individual who is selling his mini excavator, compare his asking price with the prices posted on other ads. Until you have had a chance to see or test the machine, we recommend that you do not incur any costs or make any down payments. Beware of the method of payment required, some such as PCS coupons or pre-paid cards are often synonymous with scams and are untraceable.

The general condition

When buying your used mini excavator, check its condition and its history (several owners, companies, etc.). Whether it is a first range or a manufacturer's machine, look for anything that could potentially become a problem. Check the structure, because some machines with a simple design, have less resistant materials, check the engine and its noise but also the accessories that could affect the performance of your mini excavator, if damaged (hydraulic pump, rotary joint, advance motor, rotation motor...etc).

Ask about the history of the machine (maintenance and problems) and in what context it was used (for rental, by a professional, a private individual...etc).

The weight of the machine and its transport

Depending on the weight of your vehicle, the machine and the trailer, (PTAC) a simple B license might not be enough to transport your mini excavator. Before purchasing your property, find out what license you need to tow a trailer with our article on this subject.

If after all your research you haven't found a used machine at a good price, you can consider other options:

If your work is of very short duration and you already know how to handle a mini excavator, renting can be profitable. If you don't plan on doing any new work in the next few months, this may be the best option for you.  

However, if you want to own a machine, it may be wise for you to consider a lighter or slightly less powerful excavator such as a 1T Mini Excavator. We offer them from 9 500 € HT at Mini Pelle RHINOCEROS.  

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