Which Mini Excavator to choose?

Which Mini Excavator to choose ?

How to choose the right Mini Excavator? Once you are convinced of the benefits of owning a Mini Excavator, it is important to make the right choice of model. There are many different types of Mini Excavators, both new and used, and it's easy to get lost with such a wide choice.

Weight of a Mini Excavator  

The first question to ask yourself when choosing your mini excavator will be its weight.

Ranging from 400kg for some micro excavators, to several tons, the weight of Mini Excavators is vast, it is important to take into account the nature of the work to be carried out and the use that will be made of this equipment. Thus, a Mini Excavator weighing less than 700kg will mainly be reserved for private, individuals wishing to carry out small works in their garden. Indeed, even if these Mini Excavators announce a pulling force of more than one ton, in practice, most of the time, their weight does not allow them to reach this pulling capacity. It is important to take into account the fact that the yield and capacity of Mini Excavators weighing less than 700kg are therefore very limited.

The higher range, with Mini Excavators ranging from 750 kg to 1T5, can suit both individuals with work to do (small foundations, stump removal, land development ... etc.) and professionals wishing to have a Mini Excavator handy to carry out their trenches, installation of fencing with an auger ... etc... These Mini Excavators, generally announcing a breakout force between 800kg and 1200kg, really have this excavation capacity since they have a weight and hydraulic capacity higher than this breakout force, ensuring them a perfect stability.

Mini Excavators weighing less than a ton, such as the RHINOCEROS XN-08 Mini Excavator, are often more nervous to drive than larger excavators, however their advantage lies in their weight, which allows them to be towed on trailers that do not require a special license.

The Mini Excavators weighting more than 1500kg are mainly intended for professionals in order to carry out medium to large scale work (earthworks, swimming pool construction, laying of drains, foundations, etc.). They allow a large number of jobs to be carried out efficiently and are more flexible to drive. Indeed, these Mini Excavators are often equipped with joysticks.

Joysticks of a Mini Excavator XN-18
Joysticks of a Mini Excavator XN-18

Size of the Mini Excavator

The size of the boom and arm of a Mini Excavator gives the digging depth and the maximum digging or unloading height. These main measurements give an indication of the size of the work that can be done with this Mini Excavator. Indeed, the longer the arm is, the less manoeuvres to be carried out on medium or large scale work. On the other hand, on a small site, having a long boom will limit the field of action and will be a handicap.

Hydraulic capacities of a Mini Excavator

The hydraulic flow of a Mini Excavator is an important indicator. The higher the flow rate, the greater the excavating capacity of the Mini Excavator. A Mini Excavator that does not have sufficient hydraulic flow will not be able to operate several cylinders at the same time or will have a slower reaction time.

Mini Excavator Finishes

The finishes of the Mini Excavators are a detail to confirm or not his opinion on the purchase. The quality of the welds on the Mini Excavator is a detail that illustrates the quality of the Mini Excavator as a whole.

Similarly, the protection of the hosesand engines by means of a careening is an additional aspect to be taken into account. In the event of an impact, a careening will limit the damage to the various engines or hoses, while a Mini Excavator without a protection will be more prone to hoses being ripped off.

In the case of track motors, a protection for the track motors can also be a plus, avoiding damage during manoeuvring.

‍In the RHINOCEROS range, which Mini Excavator to choose?

In the RHINOCEROS range, as with the other Mini Excavators, your needs and budget will determine which model is best for you.

With a tight budget, the XN-08 Mini Excavator is perfect for individuals with land to maintain or work to do, as well as for contractors who want to have their own Mini Excavator. Its compact size combined with its weight of less than one ton allows it to be easily towed by a vehicle. Its single-cylinder engine, however, makes it more nervous to drive than the XN-12.

Indeed the XN-12 Mini Excavator and its YANMAR three-cylinder engine (model 3TNV-70), make this model of RHINOCEROS Mini Excavator more smooth and maneuverable. This Mini Excavator, slightly heavier, has however the same size as the XN-08.

Yanmar Engine 3TNV-70, 3 cylinders of the Mini Excavator XN12
Yanmar Engine 3TNV-70, 3 cylinders of the Mini Excavator XN12

For larger jobs, the XN-16 Mini Excavator is suitable for professionals, its two speeds and larger size make it easier to carry out large jobs.  

The XN-18 Mini Excavator will also be well suited to professionals in the construction or rental industry, as its handles have joysticks and are proportional, providing a huge precision in use. This Mini Excavator has an optional offset boom foot and a variable track. These two options allow it to work along walls thanks to the boom foot, and with great stability on sloping terrain thanks to the variable track.  

The XN-20 Mini Excavator, with its three hydraulic pumps and all the options of the XN-18, offers excellent value for money for a Mini Excavator suitable for agricultural and earthmoving work.

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Mini Excavator RHINOCEROS XN 10

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The RHINOCEROS XN 10 Mini Excavator is ideal for home use. Its small size and light weight allow it to work without damaging the ground. This mini-excavator is easily transported on a trailer, making it an ideal asset for small jobsites.

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The Mini Excavator XN 12 is equipped with a KUBOTA 3-cylinder engine with 14 horsepower. Its power and its KUBOTA engine guarantee its longevity and make this excavator a key asset for earthmoving, construction or demolition work.

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