Why buy a Rhinoceros Mini Excavator ?

Why become an owner of a Mini Excavator ?

A Mini Excavator is a tool for carrying out a variety of jobs and is suitable for both private individuals and professionals. Indeed, it saves a significant amount of time when digging trenches, carrying out earthworks or any other work. Its small size allows it to go where backhoe loaders cannot go, and even to go inside houses. Depending on the size and weight of the model chosen, the Mini Excavator will be able to dig efficiently at greater or lesser depths.

Owning a Mini Excavator allows you to avoid all the disadvantages of renting, with problems of availability, delivery times and time constraints for the work to be carried out. The RHINOCEROS Mini Excavators allow you to become the owner of a new, quality Mini Excavator, which is guaranteed for 2 years, starting at 6 000€ Excl. VAT this brings peace of mind to all our customers. The models have a wide range of discounted attachments, allowing the Mini Excavators to be used in a variety of situations.

For example, the grapple, which allows the handling of logs, as well as the placement of riprap. The auger, with its 15cm or 20cm diameter bits, allows the installation of fence, acacia piles or even the planting of shrubs.

Handles of the Mini Excavator XN-16
Handles of the Mini Excavator XN-16

Buying a Mini Excavator or renting it, which is more profitable?  

The purchase of a Mini Excavator has a double interest.

Going beyond the elimination of the disadvantages mentioned above (availability, transport...etc), buying a RHINOCEROS Mini Excavator quickly proves to be more profitable than renting an excavator occasionally. With an average rental price of 230€ including VAT for Mini Excavators under one ton (source: MaisonEnTravaux), it becomes more interesting to buy a Mini Excavator, after only a few days of renting.

Finally, by becoming the owner of a Mini Excavator, you have the opportunity to sell it second-hand once your work is finished

Is it complicated to drive a Mini Excavator ?

The RHINOCEROS Mini Excavators have two handles (or joysticks) to control the arm and the bucket of the Mini Excavator, making it easy to carry out recurring movements to work. The upward photo shows an example of the control panel of the XN-16 Mini Excavator, with the two handles to control the bucket, the arm, the boom, and the rotation of the excavator. The four lower joysticks are used to control the two tracks, the front blade, and the auxiliary hydraulic line located on the arm of the Mini Excavator (useful to install an hydraulic hammer or an auger). Having a universal control system (ISO certified), you only need to learn how to operate a machine to be able to use all types of Mini Excavators.

Using the right attachments is essential to do a quality job, it also makes the use of an excavator easier. For example, in order to fill a trench, it will be easier to use a levelling bucket (80cm wide bucket) than the standard 40cm bucket.

Is it complicated to maintain a Mini Excavator?

Maintenance of the RHINOCEROS Mini Excavators is quite simple, the main elements to be checked are the hydraulic oil level (accessible thanks to an external dipstick provided for this purpose), the engine oil level and the lubrication of all axles and racks. For the Mini Excavators that we sell, we provide a technical manual in French or English, summarising these different check points.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information!

Mini Excavator XN18 equipped with an hydraulic grabber
Mini Excavator XN18 equipped with an hydraulic grabber

Our Mini Excavators

Mini excavator RHINOCEROS XN10

Mini Excavator RHINOCEROS XN 10

7 200 € Excl. VAT
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The RHINOCEROS XN 10 Mini Excavator is ideal for home use. Its small size and light weight allow it to work without damaging the ground. This mini-excavator is easily transported on a trailer, making it an ideal asset for small jobsites.

Mini excavator RHINOCEROS XN12

Mini Excavator RHINOCEROS XN 12

9 900 € Excl. VAT
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The Mini Excavator XN 12 is equipped with a KUBOTA 3-cylinder engine with 14 horsepower. Its power and its KUBOTA engine guarantee its longevity and make this excavator a key asset for earthmoving, construction or demolition work.

Mini Excavator RHINOCEROS
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