Cheap 2T5 Mini Excavators

It's decided, you want to start large-scale earthworks, roadworks or dig large trenches. You have experience with mini-excavators and you have considered the 2T5 models. However, the purchase of a construction machine is very expensive and you don't know yet which option to choose. Here are some tips to help you make your decision and find a cheap 2T5 mini excavator.

2 tons mini excavators
2 tons mini excavators

The new 2T5 mini excavator

If you are reluctant to buy used machines, and if you want to amortize your purchase over years, then the new 2T5 mini excavator is your best option. You should expect to pay between €25,000 and €35,000 for a quality machine. The advantage of buying a new product is that the purchase process is more secure and you will benefit from personalized support and after-sales service. No need to sift through the classified ads, go directly to the manufacturer that has caught your attention or to its partner dealer.

The second hand 2T5 mini excavator

For a second hand Mini Excavator 2T5, different price ranges will be offered online. There are a lot of offers for low cost models from 20 000 € or for high end models from 27 000 €. If you are patient and persistent, you may be able to find a mini excavator at a very low cost. If you're interested, check out our article on How to find a mini excavator to give away.
Then, if you are scouring the classified ad sites, you must be careful because in recent years, the number of scams during sales of construction machinery has exploded. Some elements of the ad should concern you:

Be even more vigilant if it is a sale between individuals. Many sites specialized in the sale of used construction equipment exist online, so give them preference. They gather numerous offers and estimates which will allow you to find what corresponds to you by giving you an idea of the market.
If possible, try to find a company that sells construction equipment, which will be able to put the necessary knowledge at your service, guide you in your choice and, if necessary, guarantee your equipment.

In addition to a low price, you should always be wary of the method of payment requested. Most online scams ask you to pay a deposit and claim that it is impossible to go and see the machine on site and try it out.
It is common for scammers to ask you to purchase your mini excavator via pre-paid cards, PCS coupons or IBAN numbers that change weekly. Once your money is deposited, it will be debited but you will never receive your item. With this method, it is almost impossible to trace your money and the person behind the scam.

If you are looking for a cheap 2T5 machine, and even second hand ones are still out of your budget, you can go for a lighter and cheaper model. The 2-ton models are a very good compromise. It will still allow you to do long term work, without taking away the comfort. Their excavation capacity and working depth will be lower than those of a 2T5, but not by much.

Thus, you can find new ones starting at 17,000€ HT for a RHINOCEROS Mini Excavator, with the XN-20 model weighing 2 tons. Small and malleable, it is perfect for accessing restricted areas and can be driven by individuals with little experience. This model is also very easily transportable, all you need is a trailer and a pair of loading ramps.

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Mini Excavator RHINOCEROS XN 10

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