How to choose aluminium ramps ?

How to choose aluminium ramps ?

The loading of a Mini Excavator or a car can sometimes be more complicated than expected. One of the simplest solutions to ensure safe loading: aluminium ramps.  

The use of loading ramps is a solution that combines simplicity and adaptability. Aluminium ramps are lightweight and can be adapted to different vehicles or types of terrain.

Easy to transport, they are quick to set up and ensure a total safety for the user during the loading. However, the large number of models of aluminium ramps available for sale does not always make the choice obvious.

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Here are a few points to consider when choosing your ramps:

Maximum loading height with ramps

It is recommended when loading to keep a maximum slope of the aluminium ramps of 30%. This slope corresponds to an inclination of 16.5° and is a safety indication to avoid any risk during use.

It is therefore important when buying a ramp to know the maximum height you will have to cross in order to calculate the necessary length of your ramps. Once you have this height, simply divide it by 0.3 to get the necessary length.

Below you will find a table giving you the maximum loading height for the different sizes of aluminium ramps.  

Ideal size of the ramps
Ideal size of the ramps

Loading ramp capacity

The loading capacity of the ramps is often given per pair of ramps. Be careful not to take a too light capacity of ramps, otherwise they may quickly bend or even break when overloaded. Although all ramp models should normally be tested respecting the ISO standards, with two times the maximum stated load. The lightest models, especially folding ramps, are not always suitable for heavy loads.

The weight of the ramps, a guarantee of quality ?

Finally, for an equivalent loading capacity, the weight of the aluminium ramps is an indicator of their quality. The heavier the ramps are, the less risk of bending them. It is therefore important to find the right balance between the price of the ramps, their length, and their weight.

Example of aluminium ramps for heavy loads
Example of aluminium ramps for heavy loads

Ramp heads

The ramp head is the upper part of the ramps that provides the connection between the loading platform and the ramp. The most common heads are the L-shaped heads, adapting to most platforms (flatbed trucks, trailers, loading docks, etc.). The choice of your head will depend on your loading locations.

Ramp foot
Ramp foot

Ramps Heads
Ramps Heads

Find our selection of aluminium ramps: quality models for loading all types of machinery, from the lightest: cars, motorcycles, lawnmowers, to the heaviest: mini excavators, backhoe loaders, bobcat, fenwick

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