What are the different types of Aluminium Loading Ramps?

What are the different types of aluminium ramps ?

There are many different ranges of aluminium ramps, allowing different operations to be carried out: going from loading a lawnmower into a van, a car onto a platform or public works equipment weighing several tonnes.

These different ranges, lead to very different prices. It is therefore important to make the right choice of ramps and supplier in order to get the best value for money!

The three main categories of aluminium ramps

Aluminium Folding Ramps
Aluminium Folding Ramps

Aluminium folding ramps are generally used to load light vehicles (lawn mowers, motorcycles, lawn tractors, etc.). Their load capacity is often not large enough to carry machines weighing more than 500kg.

Lightweight aluminium ramps
Lightweight aluminium ramps

Lightweight aluminium ramps have a higher resistance than folding ramps. These ramps can be adapted to mobility-impaired passage or small equipment. Most lightweight ramps are made of a thin aluminium sheet and two folded aluminium profiles. These profiles are too thin to support heavy loads.

Aluminium ramps for heavy loads
Aluminium ramps for heavy loads

The aluminium ramps for heavy loads are suitable for loading all types of machines: Mini Excavators, Fenwick, Bobcat...etc.

The size of the profiles used guarantees their resistance and loading capacity. These ramps have loading capacities between 1 ton and 26 tons.

They are manufactured with profiles thatreinforce the structure along its length, as well as intermediate profiles that stiffen it and allow the passage of wheels or tracks. This type of manufacture guarantees the solidity and longevity of the ramps, as well as an interesting quality-price ratio.

Solid Aluminium Ramp
Solid Aluminium Ramp

Solid Aluminium Ramp

Among the aluminium ramps for heavy loads, you will find solid ramps or openwork ramps. Both types of ramps are suitable for the passage of wheeled or tracked machines. The difference lies in the running surface, which is solid on one side and openwork on the other. Although the load capacity of both types of ramps is the same, openwork ramps are generally lighter, as they contain less material.

Openwork Aluminium Ramp
Openwork Aluminium Ramp

The load capacity of the loading ramps is one of the main indicators to look at.

This capacity is calculated according to the section of the profiles used, the length of the ramps and also the dimensions of the wheels. The CE and ISO standard aluminium ramps are normally tested with a load factor coefficient 2, guaranteeing the solidity of the ramps and the safety of the operator. This load factor indicates that the loading ramps have been tested with a weight twice the maximum weight indicated.

Find ramps for Mini Excavators

The type of tracks on the Mini Excavators helps in the choice of its ramps.

The majority of Mini Excavators in Europe now have rubber tracks, however some specific models have metal tracks. These tracks have a higher ground pressure than rubber tracks, and a strong tendency to damage the ramps; they require the use of specific ramps in order to maintain optimal use and to keep the warranty.

You can also read our article: How to choose aluminium ramps.

Before any purchase, check that the ramps you choose are suitable for the type of machine you wish to load with!

If you have a doubt, feel free to contact us.

Since Mini Excavators have a wheelbase of more than one meter, the pressure that is applied on the ramps is lower than the one of a Fenwick or Bobcat on wheels. It is therefore often possible to opt for lighter ramp models with Mini Excavators.    

Would you like to order? We deliver our ramps throughout France in 72 hours and in Europe in 4 days.

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