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You wish to become the happy owner of a new 800 kg Mini Excavator?

First of all, if you are interested in an 800 kg mini excavator, it is surely because you are planning to carry out small or medium-scale work. Indeed, ideal for individuals with little experience, this type of mini-excavator will easily meet your expectations in terms of digging, earthmoving, or demolition.
However, if you don't have the budget to invest in a mini excavator, you will find many alternatives. You can opt for micro excavators which are cheaper, but have very reduced capacities (usually with gasoline engine, low hydraulic flow rates...etc) with a weight of less than 700 kg, or you can opt, on second hand mini excavators 800 kg. Here is some information to know when choosing a new 800kg mini excavator.

XN-08 Mini Excavator RHINOCEROS
XN-08 Mini Excavator RHINOCEROS

First of all, what defines an 800kg mini excavator will be its weight. Indeed, its low weight allows it to get to places that are not easily accessible, without too much effort. Usually equipped with counterweights to protect them from hitting walls, these 800 kg mini excavators can offer a digging depth of up to 1.75 meters, allowing you to make trenches easily and quickly. The digging depth depends on the length of the boom and arm of the Mini Excavator, so some manufacturers offer longer arms, allowing for greater digging depth.

The new 800kg Mini Excavators often offer a boom offset. This option corresponds to a cylinder installed at the level of the boom foot of the Mini Excavator and allows it to work along walls by making straight trenches. The narrow width of the 800kg Mini Excavators also allows them to pass through doorways and access behind houses. Make sure your machine has a variable track (tracks that retract) if you want to go through narrow areas.  

The advantage of the 800 kg mini excavators is that they are easy to drive, even if you are a private individual without much experience in handling construction equipment. The controls are within easy reach (in front or on the sides). A mini excavator with controls on the sides (joysticks) will be more precise and more pleasant to drive.
Beware, some models under one ton, such as the XN-08, can be more nervous to operate and therefore require more time to adapt. Some machines are also equipped with working lights on their arms allowing them to work at any time and in the best conditions.

For example, on the XN-08 Mini Excavator RHINOCEROS models, the engine hatch is located under the driver's seat. This location makes the maintenance points accessible in case of problems.
Are you a private individual? Dealers generally provide a manual summarizing the various points of control of the machines.

In spite of their very simple construction, with few elements, the 800 kg mini excavators can be equipped with many accessories such as cleaning buckets, clamps to move wood, mechanical thumbs...etc
On some machines, you can also attach hydraulic augers or hydraulic rock breakers if the machine is equipped with an auxiliary hydraulic outlet.

Beware of scams promising you 800kg mini excavators for sale for 3000€!
A new or used mini excavator represents a certain investment, so make sure you know the price before you commit to anything. For a new 800 kg mini excavator, you should count between 7200 € at RHINOCEROS, up to 20 000 € at premium brands such as YANMAR or TAKEUCHI. If you are interested, you can find our article on How to find a Mini Excavator to give away?

Loading ramps
Loading ramps

Finally, the strong point of these mini excavators which are light, is that they are very easily transportable. This is a godsend for individuals who can transport them with a simple B license. All you need is a trailer or a utility vehicle, loading ramps and you're done!

Do you have a question or need more information? You can contact us for more information!

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