Second hand 800kg Mini Excavator

You wish to undertake medium-scale work on your land or in a building? You have a need that is defined in time and not very intensive?

A used 800 kg mini excavator may be the best option for you. Indeed, this machine will give you the possibility of carrying out earthworks, levelling, demolition or digging trenches. Thanks to its ergonomic dimensions, this type of mini-excavator is able to operate in tight and difficult to access places.
Its special features allow it to perform a wide range of jobs in different situations and at generally affordable costs.

mini excavator XN-08, 880 kg
Mini excavator XN-08, 880 kg

Similar to the RHINOCEROS XN-08 Mini Excavators, these machines are ideal for private users. They are easy to drive and can be transported in a trailer or a 3T5 truck, requiring a simple B license and a pair of loading ramps.

For a new 800 kg mini-excavator, you can count on a price range between 7800 € at RHINOCEROS, and 20 000 € at premium brands (YANMAR, KUBOTA, CATERPILLAR). Even if in this range of products, a Mini Excavator XN-08 remains affordable, the purchase of a mini excavator is an investment.

You can therefore go for a second hand 800 kg Mini Excavator, but beware of the too tempting ads that offer you a 800kg Mini Excavators for sale for only 3000€!
Indeed, even if the mini excavator you are looking for is damaged or has a lot of hours, it is rare that the price of a used machine goes below 4000 €. If you are interested, you can find our article on How to find a mini excavator to give away?
And if you want to buy a premium used mini excavator, you will be faced with prices ranging from €10,000 to €15,000 for a mini excavator in very good condition, with few hours.

If you are a private individual wishing to combine a limited budget and serenity, you have the possibility to inquire for a new XN-08 model, with a 2 years warranty. You can also look at the second hand market if you are not sure that your new 800 kg mini excavator will be profitable. If you choose a second hand machine, here are some tips:

As seen previously, a construction machine represents a certain investment, even second hand. It is thus necessary to be very attentive to the advertisements proposed on Internet, especially at the time of a sale between private individuals. Check online if you can find additional information on the model you are interested in order to compare it to the offer you are looking for. If the price seems to defy all competition, do not commit to any fees or deposits before seeing the machine, it is certainly a scam.

Some mini-excavators are simpler than others, and this has an impact on the quality of the machine. So you should check the components of the product. Hundreds of structures are made of plastic, so they are more fragile, so pay attention to that.

Try to spot potential leaks because they can be expensive to repair. Also look at its stability because if you need good lifting capacity for your work, poor stability could be dangerous. Then check the functionality of the controls, tracks and seat adjustments for your safety.  

Used 800 kg mini excavators are often sold with attachments and accessories such as buckets or mechanical clamps. Make sure they are not too damaged and that they will meet your needs.

Mini Excavator 880 kg on trailer
Mini Excavator 880 kg on trailer

If you have found a used mini excavator but do not want to use the services of a transporter to bring it home, make sure you know its exact weight and the permit required to transport it on your own.  On the D-day, remember to take your loading ramps in case the seller doesn't have any!

Do you have a question or do you need more information? You can contact us for more information!

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