Loading ramps for trucks

What type of ramps should be used to load a truck? You will find our selection of light and unbeatable-priced truck ramps. These ramps are suitable for all types of load. 

With ramps in stock, in our warehouses in France, of up to 3 metres in length, our aluminium loading ramps can be adapted to farm trailers, public works trailers, trucks or flatbed trucks.

3-metre loading ramps for truck

A pair of 3-metre ramps allows a truck with a floor height of 90 cm to be loaded.

The profile of the ramps that we have in stock makes it possible to load wheeled vehicles (car, bobcat, etc.) but also rubber tracked vehicles such as a mini excavator or a dumper. 

The type of truck loading ramps to choose depends on the goods to be loaded and the height of your truck. 

Also, to load a machine with metal wheels (such as a compactor) or metal tracks, it is necessary to choose specific loading ramps, increasing the grip of your machine. 

For very heavy machines (over 5 tons), profiles with a specific height will be required. 

If you are looking for this type of railing, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can help you in your choice!

Our pairs of ramps are designed with an L-shaped head which allows them to be held in place by a bolt that attaches directly to the platform of your truck or trailer.

This fastening system ensures safe loading to prevent the ramps from slipping when loading.

If you use your ramps to load the same vehicles and you do not have a place to position the studs, you have the option of drilling into the floor of your truck or tipper.

Good workmanship, the pairs of aluminium ramps we offer are the ideal accessory if you are looking to load and unload your vehicles in complete safety. In fact, these truck ramps can be used to load different types of vehicles: flatbed trucks, tow trucks, vans and even containers.

Need to transport equipment in your commercial vehicle?

For commercial vehicles, you can use the 2-metre ramps to unload or load your lorry (concrete mixer, dumper, generator, etc.) Thanks to their capacity, these ramps can also be used to load micro or mini excavators and thus be able to transport your equipment to your worksites.

Need to load containers?

For those who wish to load vehicles or goods into containers, our aluminium ramps allow you to load in complete safety while remaining easy to use, light and quick to install.

Find our loading ramps: Loading ramps in aluminium

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