Mini Excavators 800kg for sale 3000€.

After a lot of research on which mini-excavator to choose, you have decided to choose the 800 kg mini-excavator. You probably want to do medium-sized jobs and the mini excavator is the best option for you, and thus represents the best value for money.

Similar to the RHINOCEROS XN-08 Mini Excavator, the 800kg mini excavators are ergonomic, easy to handle and very portable. It is perfect for individuals who want to do the work themselves.
However, you should be careful with the advertisements you come across, as there are more and more scams in the construction sector; indeed, buying a mini excavator is a substantial investment, whether the machine is new or second-hand.

Second hand 800 kg Mini Excavator
Second hand 800 kg Mini Excavator

New 800 kg mini excavator

For a new 800 kg mini excavator you can count on a price range between 7800 €TTC at RHINOCEROS, and 20 000 € for higher range machines such as YANMAR or TAKEUCHI.
The advantage of buying a new machine is that you can buy directly from the manufacturer or from a partner dealer. You will be able to make transactions in full safety, benefit from advice, guarantees and an after-sales service in case of problem or particular need.   The disadvantage of this type of machine is that in order to keep the warranty period, you are obliged to have your machine maintained by the seller.

Second hand 800 kg Mini Excavator

For a second hand 800 kg Mini Excavator, you can count on a price range between 4000 € and 10 000 € for higher range machines such as YANMAR and TAKEUCHI. Even if it is rare to find a mini excavator at a very low cost, you can find our article on How to find a mini excavator to give away? if you are interested.

Finding an 800kg mini excavator for sale at 3 000€, you will have understood, is almost impossible without falling on a scam. Also, before concluding your purchase, make sure you have checked the terms of purchase and the good faith of the seller. Here are a few things that could be of interest to you:

Always pay attention to the website on which you will find the ad, especially when selling between individuals. Favour websites of certified companies or websites specialized in ads in the public works sector.

As seen above, even for a mini excavator in bad condition, the amount to invest will be at least 4000 €. Except in very exceptional cases, if you come across an ad promising you a new one for less, run away!

Scams are mainly about payment and not about the quality of the machine. Indeed, the pictures chosen by the scammers often show machines in very good condition. Beware of ads that require payment in cash only or via PCS coupons because the seller is abroad and cannot receive money directly. Some sellers will offer to pick up the machine's papers in person, via a carrier, and then test it. If you are not satisfied, they will offer you a refund but this will have little chance of success.
In any case, you should always be careful when selling second-hand machines between individuals!

Do you have a question or do you need more information? You can contact us for more information!

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