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The 1T mini excavators are perfect for both indoor and outdoor work, thanks to their size and ergonomics. They are quite popular with individuals as they are ideal for non-professionals who wish to carry out various medium-sized jobs. Second Hand Mini Excavators of 1 ton will give you the opportunity to perform a wide range of different tasks.

You want to sublimate your garden with a water basin garden? No problem, your mini excavator will allow you to dig and make trenches very easily and quickly.
You want to uproot the old stump that has been standing in the middle of your yard for years? Accessorize your mini excavator with a tooth ripper and you're done! The advantage with this type of machine is that you don't need much experience to drive it, let alone do what you need to do.

To buy a new 1 ton mini excavator, count on a minimum of 9,000€ HT for a first range machine like the RHINOCEROS XN-12 Mini Excavator. Otherwise, you should count about double for a machine from Yanmar or Takeuchi for example, depending on the model (mini excavator without offset or with joystick like the VIO range).

Mini excavator XN-12, 1 000 kg
Mini excavator XN-12, 1 000 kg

Even if it is safer to buy a construction machine from a professional, not everyone has the budget to buy such a machine. You can therefore opt for a second-hand 1 ton Mini Excavator, which you can find for half the price. However, beware of people who offer you a Mini Excavator for sale for only 3000€! Before committing yourself, check several criteria:

Even second-hand, a construction machine is expensive. Pay attention to the advertisements, especially on the sites of sale between private individuals. Compare the offers and if the price you are offered seems to defy all competition, do not commit to any fees or deposits before you have had a chance to test the machine.
Also, beware of unscrupulous sellers who offer you dubious payment methods such as paying with PCS coupons or depositing money on an unsecured platform.

Even if you covet a machine that has already lived, make sure that it will work well and that your investment will not be in vain. This is especially true for the first range mini excavators, which have a simple design and materials that are not always resistant.

Locate potential problems to repair on the machine and if you feel like fixing them, negotiate the price of the machine. Check the structure, the accessories, the engine...
Make sure you have all the necessary information, don't hesitate to ask for a professional opinion during your purchase process and check the history of the machine (has it been used for rental, used by a professional, a private individual...etc).

If you wish to transport your newly acquired property yourself, make sure you know the general regulations. Indeed, depending on the weight of your vehicle, the machine and the trailer, a simple B license might not be enough.
Finally, if you haven't found a second-hand machine at a good price, you can rent one if your work is short term or look for a lower range such as the new 800 kg Mini Excavator.  

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Mini excavator RHINOCEROS XN10

Mini Excavator RHINOCEROS XN 10

7 200 € Excl. VAT
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The RHINOCEROS XN 10 Mini Excavator is ideal for home use. Its small size and light weight allow it to work without damaging the ground. This mini-excavator is easily transported on a trailer, making it an ideal asset for small jobsites.

Mini excavator RHINOCEROS XN12

Mini Excavator RHINOCEROS XN 12

9 900 € Excl. VAT
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The Mini Excavator XN 12 is equipped with a KUBOTA 3-cylinder engine with 14 horsepower. Its power and its KUBOTA engine guarantee its longevity and make this excavator a key asset for earthmoving, construction or demolition work.

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