Mini excavator for sale 800kg

You have decided to buy a mini excavator in order to carry out work or to concretize your projects?

Here is some information about the mini excavators for sale 800kg. If you are a private individual, and your objective is to make changes in your garden for example, we advise you to turn to mini excavators weighing between 800kg and 1 ton. Their low weight will allow you to reach a sufficiently high breakout force for the maintenance of your garden!

If you want to undertake small or medium-sized jobs, the RHINOCEROS mini excavator is the perfect choice for you. Whether you are a professional or a private individual, its features will enable you to carry out many jobs at a lower cost, close to that of a second hand 800 kg mini excavator.

The advantage of a RHINOCEROS Mini Excavator lies partly in its price: in the range offered, you can acquire one for at least 7,800 TTC, including a two-year warranty. A good alternative, since you will hardly find 800 kg Mini Excavators for sale for 3000€!

XN-08 Mini Excavator
XN-08 Mini Excavator

The XN-08 Mini Excavator is a good compromise: Weighing only 880 kg and measuring 93 cm in width, it is the smallest of our RHINOCEROS range. Thanks to its simple design, the mini excavator is compact and space-saving compared to standard mini excavators. Its size allows it to reach many tight spots that are inaccessible to a backhoe or excavator. You can even work inside houses or buildings!
In addition, its large counterweight protects it in case of impact against walls and its offset boom foot allows it to dig along walls.

For outdoor work, an 800 kg mini excavator will satisfy you. The XN-08 is capable of performing a variety of tasks, from earthworks to small demolition and trenching. Indeed, with a working depth of up to 1.60 meters, this model will allow you to dig quickly and easily.
You can also facilitate your plumbing, electrical, etc. work by opting for various accessories such as buckets, mechanical thumbs or teeth to stump.  The auxiliary hydraulic outlet also allows the use of an auger.

One of the advantages of the XN-08 is its ease of maintenance, as the engine hatch is located under the driver's seat. This increases the speed and efficiency of repairs in case of maintenance.
Another advantage is its adaptability. Even if, let's not forget, machines weighing less than one ton are more nervous to drive, its quality/price ratio will perfectly suit private individuals.

Thanks to its ergonomics, the XN-08 Mini Excavator can be easily transported. A simple B license is sufficient to transport it, whether it is towed in a trailer or loaded in a utility vehicle so you won't need to get another license or use an outside carrier - simple loading ramps will do!

The RHINOCEROS XN-08 Mini Excavator, with its 2-year warranty, offers the ideal price/performance ratio for individuals wishing to own a new 800 kg mini excavator.

Do you have a question or need information? You can call us for more information!

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