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RHINOCEROS XN08 vs KUBOTA U10 Mini Excavator

RHINOCEROS XN08 Mini Excavator Use of the digging bucket (80cm)

RHINOCEROS XN08 Mini Excavator Using the standard bucket

RHINOCEROS XN18 Mini Excavator vs KUBOTA U15 Mini Excavator

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Mini Excavators 800kg for sale 3000€.

You want to buy a mini excavator 800kg for sale at 3 000€ ? You have a limited budget? With an average price for a new mini-excavator between 7 800 and 20 000€ HT, you will be able to find a used one for less. However, beware of (too) attractive prices and find our advice to make your purchase serenely.

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Why buy a Rhinoceros Mini Excavator ?

A Mini Excavator is a tool for carrying out a variety of jobs and is suitable for both private individuals and professionals. Indeed, it saves a significant amount of time when digging trenches, carrying out earthworks or any other work. Its small size allows it to go where backhoe loaders cannot go, and even to go inside houses.

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Cheap Mini Excavator 1T5

Undertaking medium to large-scale work quickly becomes expensive if you also wish to acquire a mini excavator to carry out the work. The price of a 1T5 machine can reach up to 25 000 €. Discover our advice on how to find a cheap 1T5 machine with full knowledge of the facts.

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How to grease a Mini Excavator ?

Electric or pneumatic pumps are rather reserved for professionals and for intensive lubrication use. Manual pumps are naturally the cheapest and allow you to go into even the most cramped places without having to bother with a hose.

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