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RHINOCEROS XN08 vs KUBOTA U10 Mini Excavator

RHINOCEROS XN08 Mini Excavator Use of the digging bucket (80cm)

RHINOCEROS XN08 Mini Excavator Using the standard bucket

RHINOCEROS XN18 Mini Excavator vs KUBOTA U15 Mini Excavator

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Mini excavator for sale 800kg

You want to invest in a 800 kg Mini Excavator? Perfect for your short and medium term work, discover more about this type of machine, very versatile and ideal for individuals without much experience.

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New 800kg Mini Excavator

Are you planning to do a lot of work in the near future and would like to buy a construction machine? A new 800 kg Mini Excavator will perfectly meet your needs if you are looking for a machine with good value for money, and a guarantee!

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Second hand 800kg Mini Excavator

You've decided to start working and your choice is the 800 kg Mini Excavator. You would like to buy a second-hand machine, but how do you choose the right one? In order not to make a mistake in your purchase, we present you with some criteria to take into account during your research.

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Which Mini Excavator to choose?

How to choose the right Mini Excavator? Once you are convinced of the benefits of owning a Mini Excavator, it is important to make the right choice of model. There are many different types of Mini Excavators, both new and used, and it's easy to get lost with such a wide choice.

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